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In a sign of the struggling restaurant and catering industry, the Los Angeles County Department of Health (DPH) announced that outdoor dining in some restaurants will be closed due to the rising number of new cases of coronavirus. The L.A. ceviche bar owned and operated by the Mexican-born chef reopened for outdoor dining on September 24. This landmark now serves burgers, pasta, salads and pub crap to tourists and locals in the heart of Hollywood. It was closed on 1 April 1995, but the site was used as a filming location for many Hollywood films and a number of television shows.

There's no secret recipe for Musso & Frank's success, but it's the most decadent steak you've ever tasted. This place, which serves something like "crack bacon," is the best and it's definitely a good place to eat. If you fancy something more exotic than the usual burgers and fries, this is more than just a match.

Make sure you have your meals at 3 a.m. in the mahogany leather stalls and make sure you arrive at Hungry Cat's before opening, as it is one of the best places in town.

Stars like Charlie Chaplin and John Barrymore will be represented with their own booths, as will Robert De Niro, John Travolta and many others. Your own stand includes a full service bar, a hair salon, a hair salon, a restaurant and even a cinema.

As a new generation took over the reins in Hollywood, posh restaurants stole Chasen's clientele and attracted celebrities, many stayed true to their roots. There are, however, some restaurants that recall Hollywood's glory and remain famous for their history and clientele.

On any given night, BOA hosts celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rubbing elbows. If you're in Hollywood and your neighbors are eating Franco, Jolie or Pitt, you might just have a brush with celebrity when you've seen one of their movies. If you make a deal or turn an old Hollywood joint into a career, you might feel like a star, but if your server is playing Night Watch Guard 3 on Game of Thrones, the place could just host a lot in a true Hollywood style that never goes out of style.

The roof of the historic Roosevelt Hotel is a place to see and be seen in LA - just ask Marilyn Monroe, who lived there for a few years in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

If you want to leave the comfort of your Los Angeles home for a taste of the best restaurants on Hollywood Blvd, here are some of our favorite places to visit, from the palm-lined streets of Beverly Hills to the tempting thoroughfares and tempting tastes of Hollywood, California. Argyle AveJane & Q is a destination in itself, so it's a no-brainer to wander around Hollywood looking for casual snacks in the area. This is why the street in Hollywood was dedicated as the home of one of its most famous stars, Marilyn Monroe. Jane & Q is the destination for Jane and Q, and if trekkers are hiking to Hollywood or looking for the odd bite in this area, it will be a no brainer.

The name may evoke images of natural, old wines from around the world, but the flavors served at this upscale spot on Hollywood Boulevard are decidedly American. The name is a combination of "banh mi" and "bao," which means "bread" in Vietnamese and French, and the place takes the art of making banh lousy quite seriously. Just when the name couldn't seem more charming, the French name of the restaurant is a valid one for your taste buds.

Lamill coffee is brewed here, and most of the ingredients come from the nearby Hollywood Farmers Market. You can order a la carte, but we recommend the eight-course chef's tasting menu, which gives a taste of Meehan's modern "California" cuisine powered by ingredients from seasonal farmers markets. The kitchen is led by chef Jordan Rosas, who prepares a variety of dishes with local vegetables and fresh fruit and vegetables. The cuisine of the restaurant California - meets - baja offers humanly reared meats and vegetables from the region as well as homemade, brick - oven - oven - pizza.

From baked lasagna to bolognese and double diamond burgers, guests can enjoy the new brunch staples such as breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches and brunch sandwiches.

Jame's Enoteca in El Segundo, also owned by Jackson Kalb and Melissa Saka, is a southern pasta restaurant with a focus on the local food. The taco menus offer a variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads, sandwiches and more, as well as a wide range of pastas.

The Peruvian restaurant has recently expanded in Studio City, but the original Hollywood location remains. Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles is a Hollywood landmark known for the autographed photos of famous guests on the walls.

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