Hollywood California Marriott Hotel

If you are looking for a new home in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, or even just a few blocks away, your LA apartment search is almost complete. LEVEL Furnished Living is the ideal place to settle in and stay close to downtown Los Angeles for a while.

The hotel is within walking distance of famous cultural and retail centers such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles Museum of Art and Petersen Automotive Museum. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is just a one-minute walk from the hotel, as is the Hollywood Bowl, all just six minutes "drive away. You have a wide variety of attractions in Los Angeles and the 7 Hop - Hop Bus Loop provides access to many of LAas "most popular attractions as well as a variety of restaurants and shops. There is even an express bus ride to the LA Convention Center, Hollywood and Highland Park.

For guests who want the best of the outdoor lifestyle of Santa Monica, there is a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops within walking distance of the hotel. Marriott also has access to many of LAX's most popular shopping centers, including the Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles Museum of Art and Petersen Automotive Museum.

To find a fantastic room with excellent customer service, guests can choose from one of the many hotels in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. On average, a two-night stay at the Marriott Hollywood California Marriott costs $191 per night, but if you're looking for something really special, it can cost as much as $603 per night, according to Booking.com. Stay at Motel 6 in Hollywood for $139, and the average cost of a one-bedroom hotel room at LAX is $331 a day, or $1,000 a week.

This hotel offers comfortable, relaxing and long-term accommodations, and you can rent 78 apartments for less than $600 that fit your budget in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. The average cost of a two-night stay at the Marriott Hollywood California Marriott is $2,100, though costs can vary in each city, up to $3,050 in Santa Monica, according to Booking.com.

All rooms are air conditioned and offer a wide range of amenities such as hot water, hot showers and hot tubs, as well as a private balcony.

Overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway and ocean, you'll be embraced by the beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Many hotels and resorts allow pets of all kinds, but San Diego, Santa Barbara and Carmel are among the most accepted by Fido. The romantic Mendocino Hotel offers the best Mendoino has to offer, as the private, historic inn is equipped with all amenities to ensure you enjoy a quality time on the rugged Northern California coast. Readers of Travel & Leisure voted this luxurious California hotel and resort the best in the world for its accommodations.

The Palihotel Culver City is run by a boutique chain that includes hotels in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and San Diego. The first Standard Hotel, the Standard Hollywood, was opened in Southern California in the early 1990s, and the West Hollywood Edition, developed by the New Valley-based Witkoff Group, was sold almost entirely after completion. It is said to be the only hotel in California with a separate area for relaxation and work, with a private pool, spa, gym, fitness center and private dining room. Two residents are embedded for hospice care, but the SpringHill Suites home is being converted into a modern - the - art, two - bedrooms, three - bathrooms for the elderly and disabled. Andre Balazs Properties is developing a $1.5 million hotel and resort on the site of a former grocery store in Beverly Hills.

Perfect for those looking to experience the already relaxed lifestyle of the Cat and Dog hotel in South Bay with its private pool, spa, gym, gym and private dining room. Visit the South Bay Cat and Dog Hotel every day from 10 am to 6 pm and discover what makes the hotel so much more than just a dog-friendly hotel.

Discover our favorite hotels to learn more about the best hotels in Los Angeles County, California and the rest of the country. See if you're interested in the Hollywood California Marriot Hotel, the first of its kind in Southern California. This motel is located just blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge in Hollywood, CA. They are sold out so you can check all their discounted accommodations for just $1,000 a night for one night.

If you are looking for romantic getaways or simply prefer your own space, stay in your own private room. Find out more about this Los Angeles County, California and the rest of the country hotel and the best hotels by offering up to 50% off all rooms for one night.

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