Hollywood California Fairfield Inn

This North Hollywood, CA hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Los Angeles, California and has a reputation for providing excellent customer service and affordable rates. CA hotels, including all non-refundable, and it is the only hotel in the Hollywood Hills with its own restaurant, bar, pool, gym and spa.

Nicknamed "Tinseltown glitz and glamour," this historic Los Angeles offshoot has hosted famous hotels over the years, many of which are frequented by celebrities. This classic Hollywood hotel is a popular spot for celebrity sightings, where you can meet celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lawrence and many more. To find fantastic rooms and excellent service, guests can choose from a variety of restaurants, bars, pools, exercise studios, exercise studios and spa facilities. It has a full service restaurant, bar, pool, gym, wellness and fitness centre and is available to all guests.

Universal CityWalk, free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby, lobby bar, pool, fitness center and fitness center. It is also available at Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Hollywood Studios and Universal Citywalk. At Universal Hollywood and Hollywood Boulevard, free Wi-Fi is available not only to all guests, but also on the ground floor of the hotels.

The hotel also features a full-service restaurant, bar, swimming pool, fitness centre and gym, as well as a fitness and wellness centre.

This elegant hotel features a large outdoor pool owned by Hilton Los Angeles Universal City, a full-service restaurant, a bar, a pool, a fitness and fitness center, and a fitness and spa center. The elegant hospital has an indoor pool with outdoor shower and shower cabin, as well as a larger outdoor pool operated by HiltonLos AngelesUniversal City. This elegant hotel features the largest outdoor pools in the hotel, a private pool and showers, as well as a small shower inside.

This elegant hotel on the famous Sunset Boulevard features a large outdoor pool at Hilton Los Angeles Universal City, a full-service restaurant, an indoor pool and a fitness center. Located on the famous Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood, California, the Hollywood Fairfield Inn is housed in one of the most prestigious hotels in the world.

Close to Universal Studios, this hotel offers a welcoming room and the opportunity to start your morning right in Hollywood, CA. The proximity of Universal Studios offers a great opportunity to invite yourself into a room and start the morning right at the Hollywood CA Hotel with a morning start! The nearby Universal Studios offer you the opportunity to take a day trip to the most famous theme park in the world - in - one - room.

The hotel is located near Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and offers a free shuttle service. There are outdoor facilities such as an outdoor pool, fitness centre, indoor pool and spa, as well as a full-service restaurant.

El Segundo offers Wi-Fi and a free shuttle service between the hotel and Universal Studios Hollywood and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. About 70% of the studios are located on an unincorporated county island known as Universal City, while the rest are located within the city limits of Los Angeles, California.

Near Universal Studios, read the hotel's pet policies and consider taking your dog or cat with you. Want to know if Wyndham Hollywood allows pets at the Days Inn or read their pet policies? Near Universal Studios, remember to bring a pet dog or cat you want to know if they will allow pets in the Days Inn. Pet policy read by hotels near Universal Studios And you think you can bring your pets (dogs, cats, etc.).

We have Wi-Fi available and have a COVID 19 security policy, please behave yourself. Please call 1-424-290-5000 for help with questions or questions about the hotel or any of the hotels near Universal Studios Hollywood or Hollywood & Highland.

How close are you to Los Angeles and how can you best bring your guests to your hotel rooms and rooms in the Hollywood / Highland area of LA?

re traveling as a family, individual or group, you can search for discounts on your hotel room or room in the Hollywood / Highland area of LA at the Fairfield Inn. Whether you are traveling with your family, individuals or groups, or traveling by car, car-pool, bus, train, plane or other transportation, look for discounts at Fairfields Inn. If you're not traveling to Los Angeles with a family, individual, group or even bus or bus, look for the best discount at the Fair Fields Inn in LA for a free or low rate.

Close to Universal Studios, including full refundable rates and free cancellations, and offers free parking in the Hollywood / Highland area of LA at the Fairfields Inn. Close to Universal Studios, including full refundable rate and free cancellation and free parking at Universal Orlando Resort.

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