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Hollywood, California is known as one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the United States and offers a wide range of accommodations including hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities and even a movie theater. Just five minutes from the heart of Hollywood, this hotel offers 86 rooms, including the spacious Executive King, with stunning views of the city.

Built in 1920 and inspired by castles in the French countryside, the famous Chateau Marmont (chateaumarmont.com) offers suites, bungalows and poolside cottages, many of which have balconies and fully equipped kitchens. This kitschy but affordable hotel also features a picnic area and a Tartu restaurant serving South American cuisine.

Others offer rooms with views of Hollywood Boulevard and check in to one of the hotel's many restaurants and bars, as well as a spa and fitness center.

The Long Beach Belmont Pool is open again, but showers are closed and reservations are not required. The swimming pool, which used to offer lap swimming and water hiking only on reservation, has been reopened with a pool house, pool bar and fitness centre, as well as a spa. The grounds are also open around the water with a play area and play area daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

The teddy, which is no longer used as a nightclub but as a private function room, is full of antique furniture and a curated wine list. In the lobby there is a casual restaurant that serves as a common meeting place for celebrities. Matthew McConnaughey checked in when he received his star on the Walk of Fame in 2014, and the art deco banquet hall was rented out for the final year of the Ghostbusters reboot.

Heiress Almira Hershey, who had lived in Los Angeles with her husband for several years, drove a horse and stroller to the hotel after seeing the ad in the Los Angeles Times. It was in this hotel that he met his first wife Jean Acker, with whom he married in 1919 and where he also spent his honeymoon.

The second room on the first floor had a balcony overlooking the pool, a four-poster bed on the platform, which stood between upholstered white walls and a mirror - like a black frame fixed to the ceiling. The diving board on which he posed is no longer there, but the surrounding pool area has been restored to evoke the mid-century, with the exception of the wood-paneled Tropicana bar.

Guest rooms feature black tiled bathrooms, upholstered windows and benches, and bold décor. The rooms feature a fully equipped kitchen, a private dining room, an open living room with fireplace and dining area, and a guest bathroom with black tiles.

The best-preserved shrine to old Hollywood is located at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, which was partly financed by movie magnate Sid Grauman and celebrates its 90th birthday this week. Opened in 1924, the first hotel in Los Angeles to have a private dining room and guest bathroom, it houses Grauman's Chinese Theater, where hundreds of celebrities dipped their hands and feet into the concrete below.

Located on the famous Sunset Strip, in the heart of Hollywood, just blocks from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Located on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Hollywood Heights, it offers a pool, private dining rooms, spa and rooftop pool with views of Los Angeles.

The Dolby Theatre (formerly known as Kodak Theatre) features a pool, private dining room, spa and rooftop pool with views of Los Angeles. Marilyn Monroe lived here after she was signed by the studio in the late 1940s.

The hotel has painted the names of celebrities on the ceiling and on the tables of certain people who recognise where they regularly go out to eat. Some people from the film industry live in the hotel and many attend the dances that are held every Thursday night in the ballroom. Prince rented the penthouse in 2007 when he played a series of concerts at the Blossom Ballrooms.

Hockney worked on the bottom of an empty pool, covering it with symbols described in various descriptions as "the stars, the moon and the sun" and "a sea of stars and stars." The pool is covered with interconnected basket weaves - like patterns, and when someone dives in to disturb the water, the commas seem to come to life, weave, dance and shimmer. There is no other such thing in the entire world of art, not even in this part of the world.

It is located on the west side of Highland Avenue and was also the front of the unpaved Prospect Avenue lined with California pepper trees. The property, owned by owner George Hockney and son-in-law John Daley, was developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as part of the development of Los Angeles.

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